"Tatum always makes me laugh with her quick wit and great sense of humor, which helps me with my personal mission to not take life too seriously! I cherish her values about making yoga accessible in many ways and especially love enjoying yoga outdoors with her. If you have insecurities about doing yoga, don't worry, Tatum's always got a modification for you!"

/  Krista  /


"Love love love Tatum. She’s so well spoken and relatable and her sessions are great. Just an all around amazing teacher."

/  Mahayla  /


"Tatum is a funny, caring, thoughtful and knowledgeable yoga teacher and human being. I always learn something new when I practice in one of her classes, and I always leave feeling calm, refreshed and inspired." 

/  Molly  /


"I have chronic health issues and fatigue - it's been really important for me to learn how to listen to my body and discover where my limits are and how to give my body what it needs. Doing yoga with Tatum has not just benefited me physically but emotionally and mentally - the way she describes being kind to yourself and not beating yourself up when you can't do a yoga pose "perfectly" translates well into the rest of life too."

/  Elisabeth  /