Tatum Fjerstad
Tatum Fjerstad
Helping human beings be okay with being human.

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yoga & meditation

Public Classes

I am currently taking a break from offering public classes while I focus my energy on my studies in Acupuncture school.

Private Classes

Private yoga and meditation sessions are the best way to figure out how best to move and be in your body and mind. Each session is completely personalized for your needs, whether that be a rigorous or restorative practice or a session designed to help you heal an injury or master a tricky pose. Public classes can be fun, but one-on-one or small group sessions are where the real magic happens.


craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a form a light touch therapy designed to gently turn on your body's ability to heal itself. Your body does its best self-healing work when the parasympathetic (rest/digest) division of your autonomic nervous system is in charge. Modern life and daily stressors are constantly triggering the sympathetic (fight/flight/freeze) division of our nervous system. This is why we're sick so often, our bodies are so tight and it seems like we get injured so easily and heal very slowly. These sessions give your body the permission to relax and rest so that the healing you need can take place. Craniosacral Therapy can also treat: 

  • TMJ disorder

  • migraines and headaches

  • neck and shoulder pain

  • concussions

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety and depression

move sit write

In 2016, I took myself on a 3-month road trip around the United States teaching people a short but powerful self-awareness ritual I'd started practicing on my own just a couple years prior. By combining movement (move), meditation (sit), and free writing (write), in that order, I was able to truthfully get to know myself on a deep physical, mental and emotional level. By taking this time to be honest, vulnerable and nonjudgmental toward myself, I was able to initiate some pretty incredible transformations, including: redesigning my most intimate relationships with friends, family, alcohol, food and my body. I slowly dismantled the negative self-talk that was keeping me from living my best life and began the journey of celebrating myself and supporting others as they did the same.

I currently offer something called MOVE SIT WRITE • The Series and private sessions to those who are interested.


Tatum is fantastic!! Her classes are incredibly accessible and genuine. I've taken both her yoga classes and Move Sit Write class and would highly recommend both. If you're ever considering attending one of her classes or personal sessions - do it! I'm so glad she is teaching here - she is a gift to Minneapolis!

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