Move Sit Write

In 2016, I took myself on a 3-month road trip around the United States teaching people a short self-awareness ritual I'd started practicing on my own just a couple years prior. By combining movement (move), meditation (sit), and free writing (write), in that order, I was able to truthfully get to know myself on a physical, mental and emotional level. By taking this time to be honest, vulnerable and nonjudgmental toward myself, I was able to initiate some pretty incredible transformations, including: redesigning my most intimate relationships with friends, family, alcohol, food and my body. I noticed how negative my self-talk was and that it was on me to change that dialogue. I slowly began the journey of celebrating myself, instead of self-abusing.

Now, I teach this workshop a few times a year at various locations in Minneapolis, online and via private sessions.


Move Sit Write Online


If you don't see any workshops listed, that means I haven't got any booked! If you're interested in booking, please contact me.