Healthy Living is a Moving Target and That's Annoying


This is embarrassing to admit but I really did think that I'd start acupuncture school and I'd uncover all these secrets to eternal health. I thought I'd learn how to use this one form of medicine to cure every hurt. I thought I'd figure out how to stop my boyfriend's sleep apnea with pressure points and herbs. I thought I'd figure out how to want to eat really healthy and not devour an entire bag of licorice before bed.

Haha nope. *pops 6 licorice in mouth*

If you read the first blog of this series, you know that I got super sick in my first term of school because stress (that's usually the source of most of our illnesses, btw. More on that later). I went to acupuncture appointment after acupuncture appointment, I took herbs, I tried to go to bed early every night and drink lots of water and eat home-cooked meals as much as I could. I took supplements, yada-yada-yada. I kept trying all these things that had helped me in the past.

Nothing really worked. They eye twitch remained. The vertigo got worse. The spontaneous crying maintained its once-a-day pattern. 

I know acupuncture isn't quack medicine because it's worked before. But acupuncture isn't the only answer. Herbs aren't the only answer. Ibuprofen doesn't cure every headache and sometimes your favorite meal doesn't satiate you. You get the idea.

As we age and our lives change, so does the measure of our wellness. Your body needs different things at different times. And that's okay. It's equally as okay to be frustrated by this. Our society is a little fixated on finding the answer to our health woes and banking on that answer being correct forever. While that would be nice, it's not the case.

Sometimes, it's not what we take or don't take when we feel sick. As I've learned, sometimes you need to take a step back from your life and go, "Oh, this one thing seems to be contributing the most drama to my life. I need to change the way I relate to it or I need to remove it." And then doing that. Sometimes it's not about the kale or the sugar. Sometimes you gotta quit that job or go part time at school and ask your partner to help with grocery shopping because you need a nap.

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