Tatum Fjerstad
Tatum Fjerstad
Helping human beings be okay with being human.


tatum fjerstad


Being human means being vulnerable. Being vulnerable is recognizing our shared humanity. I can't honestly recognize our shared humanity without opening my eyes to the unconscious biases that contribute to a white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal society. My mission is to build a wellness practice that serves everyone at their most human level, by making good use of empathy, vulnerability and a damn fine sense of humor.


My Story

My story is not brief, nor is it boring. Born and raised in a working class family in the suburbs of Minneapolis, I’m the oldest of three kids and my siblings are boys. For a brief, yet highly consequential part of my childhood, I was an actor who has appeared in things you’ve probably never seen, unless you were really into that Escape from Horrorland, Goosebumps CD-ROM game that came out in 1998.

After one terrible theatrical review and a growing awareness that my college degree wouldn’t get me as far as my parents thought, I decided to pursue a career in print journalism. Thanks to the internet, print died an ugly death shortly after I got my undergraduate degree, so I ended up in marketing like everyone else. I was good at marketing, but I wasn’t a huge fan of getting paid to lie through my teeth, so I picked up a yoga teacher training certificate and taught yoga on the side to keep my soul alive.

After moving to NYC twice, working at various popular start-ups, rubbing shoulders with yogalebrities (ew) and picking up a few bad habits, things got so intense that I realized I had a lot of repressed pain and trauma that needed to be processed. Yoga, as it turns out, is not actually a cure-all (and anyone who tells you that should make you very wary). After months of therapy and a lot inward gazing, I took myself on a three-month road trip around the U.S. teaching people how to use movement, meditation and writing in a sequence I call Move Sit Write.

Upon completion of the tour, I decided to move back home to Minneapolis where I re-met the man of my dreams and his beautiful son, enrolled in acupuncture school and continued to live my best life (and go to therapy).

I’m now in my second year of school at Northwestern Health Sciences University, working at Constellation Acupuncture and Healing Arts, teaching yoga around Minneapolis and offering craniosacral therapy out of my home. My current bad habits are workaholism, perfectionism and late-night licorice.

Equity Rates

I’m constantly and actively studying, naming and dismantling my own unconscious biases as they relate to gender, sexuality, race, wealth and abilities. I do this by supporting marginalized people with my money, and owning my shit and apologizing when I cause harm.

I also offer equity rates to marginalized people: if you identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+ or as a person experiencing economic hardship, you are constantly contributing to a society that undervalues you at every turn. If you trust me as a partner in your healing, please use the code EQUITY when you check out for a 20% discount on my offerings. My equity rates will remain in place until our society is truly nourishing and just. May we all be free.


"I discovered Tatum through her Free Yoga Northeast class that she offers out of the kindness of her heart. I’m so overjoyed to have found her! I wasn’t in the best place, and just couldn’t figure myself out. It’s been over a year now and I’ve evolved into a different person. She helped me find gratitude and happiness within myself, and a passion for yoga again. She taught me how to breathe. Literally. She used guided meditation to help me look inside myself and not to judge what I saw. She is an outstanding teacher. 

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