hi. I'm Tatum Fjerstad.

My friends call me T, Tates, Tater-Tot, Toots, T-Money, Weird, Endearing and Purveyor of Tremendous Joy.
Oh, and my last name is pronounced FIERCE-dead (pretty cool, right?).

I love naps, cackling, and being sassy. I blame my lateness on traffic when I just didn't leave on time. I respond aggressively to cat-callers. I struggle with intimacy, resentment, anger and privilege. I love Justin Timberlake and often daydream about our lives together.

I am a human being who just wants to help other human beings be okay with being human.

I do this by teaching something called MOVE > SIT > WRITE, which uses yoga-like stretches, meditation and free-writing to locate, explore and create new space in your body, mind and heart.  It's a short practice you can do every day or whenever you need a little pick-me-up. When I started doing it every day in 2014, my whole life changed. I took it on tour in 2016, during a solo, 7,000-mile road trip around the United States.

I don't have all the answers and I probably never will. I just want to be helpful, honest and make you laugh. I've done a lot of cool things like living in New York City for a few years and studying with people like Elena Brower and working for Wanderlust. But none of that really matters. I want to connect with you because it makes sense to you, not because of where I've been. 



Drop-in Classes

I teach free or donation-based  classes all over Minneapolis because I am a huge fan of accessibility. But, like, who isn't, right?


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